Investment Criteria

We believe that our value proposition increases as we develop market and regional density. We affiliate with dental groups that have obtained a degree of critical mass that we can expand together or with single and multisite practices that enhance this buildup.

From a physical perspective, we prefer visible practices in retail centers or free standing buildings on highly trafficked routes that potential patients see during their daily routines. We prefer the practices to have between six and ten operatories to accommodate multiple doctors, hygiene and specialty services.

Our experience tells us that patients appreciate the ability to access all of their dental services under one roof at convenient locations and times.

Clean, simple facilities with current technology further enhance this experience.

Deal structures are customized to meet the needs of our partners and their near and long term goals. Our process is highly responsive and can move at whatever pace is comfortable to you, it can be from lightening fast to a long, getting to know one another period.

Ultimately, as fellow entrepreneurs we know that your business is unique and special to you and our process is designed to meet your needs.